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If Australia is the Land of Oz, then there really can only be one Emerald City, bustling with life and energy, blessed with a beautiful climate, fantastic architecture and oodles of culture, Sydney may not be the official capital of Australia, but it's definitely its biggest and best city.

Getting a cheap flight to Sydney is easy with the likes of DialAFlight, and you're guaranteed a holiday that you'll never forget. First of all, Sydney is the centre of Australia, like London or Paris, it is the place where the artists, musicians, and just about everyone else heads to make their fortune. The rest of Australia's loss is Sydney's gain, and the city showcases the best of Australian life, from its vibrant theatre to some of the best restaurants on the planet.

Sydney has a little bit of something for everyone, like many big cities it has a thriving fashion industry, albeit one that is a little bit less expensive than what you might find in Europe. Most tourists get sucked into a bit of shopping as well, although the current strength of the Australian dollar doesn't necessarily help.

Of course, as much as the energy and the friendliness of the locals is attractive, Sydney is a beautiful city in its own right. The most famous parts of town remain the harbour area, with the iconic Sydney Opera House (it's possible to get cheap tickets to see performances) and the Sydney Harbour Bridge which offers the best views of the city for those who are brave enough to go up it.

Then there's the natural attractions of the city, Sydney is a very green place with lots of great parks and places to chill out even in the city centre. And, if you hop on the metro you'll soon find yourself at the coast and enjoying some of the most famous beaches in the world, though you may struggle to find a spare stretch of sand to lay your town down.

For all these well-known attractions, however, the city has a few tricks up its sleeve, the museums are excellent, cheap and highly accessible to people of all ages, and a tour around the harbour will reveal some of Sydney's hidden gems, the old forts that line the steep edges of the bay. These are some of the oldest buildings in Australia and are well worth closer inspection.

Last of all, Sydney is a great location if you want to get out and explore some of Australia's natural wonders, you don't have to head far to find yourself in the Wollemi National Park , one of Australia's finest and a great place to get out and about and explore a truly beautiful country.

There's no arguing that holidays in Sydney are a little more expensive than some other places, but the extra cash is well worth it for an amazing and unforgettable holiday.




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